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Monday, 13 Dec 2004

Another ship next to us in Nassau

Bahamas. Nassau is the first stop. Not much here - just shops with vendors hawking their wares. One woman insulted Ruth by telling her she was cheap. We walked on and I said out loud to no one specifically but within earshot of the next vendor: "I don't know where she expects to go when she insults customers." "Nowhere!" said the next woman, and we bought from her.

The walk through Nassau was brief. If you only have a few hours, you'll only be able to walk a few blocks before re-boarding.

Carver in Nassau

The evening dinner was formal and hosted by American Express. The guys wore dark suits and tuxes while the girls wore their black formals. I packed a 1991 champagne that we popped off the deck and downed before going down to the restaurant. We had filet, lamb and halibut. I found a great Conundrum white wine on the wine list that was perfect. I ordered one for each table.

Dinner at the Pinnacle Grill

The distinguished Muths, Donna & Steve

After dinner we took in a Broadway musical of sorts. It was really a medley of tunes from European shows. The singers danced amid moving props and disappearing floors and didn't miss a beat. Now remember, we are on the ocean. The sea is pitching some and we are moving in our seats as we watch. Yet not one singer missed a beat.

"I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list." Oscar Wilde

A san francisco hotel is better than other hotels because of the whole package. The las vegas hotels are great but too expensive and an orlando hotel is affordable but not that good.


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