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Grocery Shopping

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After breakfast at the Bistro Well, we decided to go shopping and to the grocery store today. As you can see the items here are much fresher than the Safeway or Publix in the United States. I mean, the bacon is still warm and the fish are still swimming. How can you get fresher than that?

We got an opportunity to teach English the Lijiang College. It was fun and students seemed to enjoy it. Eric Yang who runs a cafe at Lijiang college hosted the event. It was just a one hour to illustrate some of the techniques we learned in Dr. Cotton's TESOL class.

This blog post is short. Enjoy the pics.

Breakfast at Bistro Well.

Pots and pans at the market.

Poultry section

Shoe repair


Fresh meat

Checkout counter

Fresh fish section

Fresh vegetables



Insects (you may not have this section in your grocery shop)

Fruit section

The candy shop

Yuan, the wood carver.

Some people pictures.

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