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Tim & Maite (a bonus post)

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I got a call from Tim and Maite. They are having a great time in Beijing touring the Great Wall and Summer Palace. We split up because we saw those sights a couple of years ago. Although I'll have to say they are doing it with more class and style.

For example, he sent a picture of their hotel granite bathroom. Huh? What's granite? (Note that he hung a couple of socks over the tub to give the illusion that he's roughing it.)

Oh, and he also sent me a picture of himself in some easy chair in their room wearing silk pajamas! Sheesh. I don't have any pajamas, let alone silk ones. And an easy chair? There ain't no space in my room for anything but a box spring. They're killing me.

But hey, who's to judge? I'll let you draw your own conclusion. Here are some pictures of the tough times they are having.

The granite tub

The silk pajamas


Some factory visits

He did buy a very cool mushroom teapot

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