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grocery bag book cover

grocery bag book cover
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I always take a book with me (this time five books) to read on the plane and at night when I can't sleep. The book I select depends on the destination. Usually I choose a book that is somehow connected with the place I'm visiting.

In the 2008 trip to China I read River Town: Two Years on the Yangtze. It's about an American teaching in China and about his struggles with the language. Great read.

This trip I'm reading Wild Swans : Three Daughters of China. It's about three generations of Chinese woman and how they dealt with their challenges. Some of the book might be offensive to some so I decided to cover it in some brown paper. The added benefit of doing this is that I could record interesting quotes and references in the book right on the cover.

But why stop there?

I decided to put all my travel connections on the book so that I wouldn't have to pull out additional papers to figure out what gate to go to next. Since I'm often reading on the stopovers, I have the next gate right in my clammy hand.

I think I'll be doing more of this. Love this idea.

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