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Korea stopover

We've already flown now for 13 hours but are only as far as Korea.  I think we have another four and a half hours of flying to go and another eight hours of layovers in various airports.

We have flown 7570 nautical miles.

We got a bit of sleep, as much as you can in coach.  We were drooling over first class as we passed.  Some of the seats were full length beds.  I wonder what THAT costs?  Maybe with all the flying we do we can upgrade to first class sometime and let the peasants ride in the back.

We flew Korean Air this time and the service and kindness of the flight attendants was outstanding.  The food was served in white ceramic bowels (no plastic dishes), bright silver flatware, and glassware. Then they served free wine, even if only a house red.

All of the flight attendants were stewardesses with gentle and graceful movements.  For example when she set my coffee on my food tray, she gestured toward it with open palm, and fingers together like Vana White gestures toward the newly revealed letter on Wheel of Fortune.

Their outfits were just adorable.  They wore silk, power blue blouses with huge white stiff bows tied around their necks. The tie tails were stiff and about eight inches long.  One of the ties stuck up and out over their left shoulder.  It looked like they were all wearing huge propellers.

We'll check back in when we arrive.

Oh, why can't we break away from all this, just you and I, and lodge with my fleas in the hills?  I mean, flee to my lodge in the hills.  - S. J. Perelman

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