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Ruth & Joanne's Lijiang

Bridge Troll?
Ruth and Joanne had a great time without me in Lijiang and to prove it they kept sending me pictures.

I get Noah's flood and they get 77 degree weather, shopping and culture.


Lijiang restaurant
But that's not enough. Ruth keeps sending me pictures. I'm not really sure what they are pictures of. Not much text in the email, just the pics. and a sort of implied "wish you were here" message.

Here's a picture of Ruth near a window looking out at some panoramic view of a China mountain. Was this their room or the restaurant? I really couldn't say.  I know this sort of non-specific stuff drives you crazy. I wish I could be more helpful but that's all the information they provided.

And she sent me another of a guy smoking a long ancient pipe. (Ruth says he reminded her of a bridge troll.) Was he a tour guide, a juggler, or really and truly a troll that lives under the bridge?

Yeah? Well, just to prove my day wasn't a total waste, I went out in the courtyard and read a book! I also took some pictures to send to them. Just to show I was having my own fun.

apartment swiming pool
For example, I saw an exotic elephant at the entrance and elephants with fish tails at the elephant-sized blue tile pool.

I sat on oak benches protected by a pillared solarium and teak walkway.

I think they are on the plane home now. I'm told they bought some great stuff there so maybe in the next post I can include some pictures.

Jealousy is all the fun you think they had. - Erica Jong

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