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three guys and a haircut

Ruth decided that she needed a haircut so she went downstairs and found a shop.

Everything, and I mean everything, is available within a five minute walk from the apartment. It's unbelievable. Ruth got a haircut, her backpack sewn up, and some vegetables within a five minute walk of our place.

These guys are all giggly when she arrived along with another friend. The three guys took a look at her little drawing. She had sketched a pixie-like cut. They giggled again.

The wash and cut took 30 minutes and cost 8 kuai. ($2.10 U.S.)

She also had her leather backpack repaired by the guy on the street for 3 kuai. ($0.45 cents)

After that she went shopping for dinner vegetables and noodles. ($3.00 U.S.)

So the total came to $5.55 AND she was back in an hour and a half. Try that in Atlanta Georgia!

You are only as good as your last haircut.

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