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China on moped

Mopeds are the vehicle of choice here. So in honor of their varied uses here's a short movie of just ten that sped by. (And one bicycle.)

You can even rent one with a driver. Ruth rode on the back of one yesterday to get to her destination quickly. It was just after a big rain so she thought she was safe. The woman was very careful. But on the way a car passed and sent a wave of putrid water cascading over them. The woman just laughed. Yeah, what can you do? (mei-ban-fa)

The driver got her to the agreed upon destination in time but alas, it was the wrong location. The street name Ruth gave her and the one she really wanted to get to sounded very close but the locations were not. She had to cancel her appointment.

You can see a larger view of the pan shots of ten different mopeds out on flickr.com. (Just click the link.)

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