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shopping and well, shopping

washing vegetables
Let's see...what have we been up to? Well, we are shopping often. We just can't avoid it if we want fresh produce. This is about every other day.

After that, we need to wash them. We use a special detergent to do this. 

Naxi scarf
 The potatoes are right out of the ground. I have mud in the sink after the wash. All of this takes a bit longer then just coming home from Costco and tossing the stuff in the fridge.

Traveling expands horizons.

For example, who says that a toilet paper roll has to have a hollow center? Why can't it be solid? You'd get more paper for the money.
silver bracelets
Maybe you assume that the center needs to be hollow so that it can hang on a dispenser in the wall. Is that really required? Where is that written? Who says it can't sit on a shelf near the toilet? And further, who says there needs to be perforations between the squares? Why can't you just tear off whatever you need in any place on the roll? That's the way it is here. Maybe this is just TMI (Too Much Information) for you? Sorry but this is the hazard of reading travel blogs.

After shopping we had lunch and walked by an Art Wall. For some reason the wall was embedded with pottery, some whole, some just shards. Odd and strange but it was worth a picture. (Might work well as a desktop wallpaper too!)

Naxi woman in Lijiangart wall
I've also posted a few pics of the stuff Ruth bought in Lijiang yesterday. Silver bracelets, a Naxi (pronounced: Na-she) woven wallet and scarf. All of these items are hand crafted on the spot. She also bought a journal of paper made in the old town. Wonderful colors.

Remember, even when something is 50% off, it's still 50% on. - Eric Terry

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