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the trash truck

people on mopeds
You may remember seeing this trash truck in an earlier post. It was one of the pan shots of mopeds in China. It's the most unique thing I've seen built into a moped. (Or maybe it's a small motorcycle?)

trash truck
Anyway, it was interesting enough that one of my flickr contacts suggested it would be a great photo to sketch. My idea exactly, but this pushed me over the edge. (So if you're not into trash trucks, blame my flickr contact. It's not my fault I wont accept responsibility.)

Over the last couple of days I've been toying with this. Finally, today after finishing my studies, my flash cards of Chinese characters, and making breakfast, I finished it.

I did this with a waterproof 0.25 ink pen and Cotman Pocket Travel Watercolor set on a Moleskine Watercolor Notebook. I'd prefer to scan it on my scanner but don't have one here so had to take a quick photo with the iPhone. Best I could do for now.

It was a fun sketch to do.

I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you. - Anon

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4 Responses to “the trash truck”

  1. # Blogger Unknown

    I love the way you are capturing the raw essence of China. I am living the adventure through your eyes. I miss you on the cell block. Nina  

  2. # Blogger daveterry

    Nina: Hey I miss all there...sort of. But glad you are enjoying the blog. It's great to hear feedback.

    I blog mostly so that I will not forget all the exciting experiences we have, but love the fact that others are traveling with me, if only from their armchair.

  3. # Blogger Unknown

    Dave & Ruth,

    I am enjoying your travels as well, here is a travel tip, only drink bottled water. That is a period at the end of water no exceptions.

    Always, Stuart  

  4. # Blogger daveterry

    Stuart: Thanks. Good advice. We have a 5 gallon bottle delivered about every 3-4 days. It sits atop a hot/cold water dispenser. The water comes out hot enough to make coffee. Which is the main consideration.

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