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Two's company; Three's a crowd

two's company, three's a crowd!

Okay, this is the last moped themed blog post . . . really! Well, until the next one anyway.

No, seriously, I've got so much to tell you: the bus ride to the foreign store for sushi fixings, the crazy ride we took in the rain, the mad owner of the restaurant that started yelling and punching a customer and then later cheated us out of $15! (That's a fortune by China standards. You know what I can buy with 100 yuan?!)

But, I digress. This is about the time we thought we'd imitate the Chinese moped riders. We wanted to see how many of us we could fit on one moped. You know, sort of like the 20 clowns in a VW. Wait a minute, forget that image.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, we've seen entire families on a single moped. Many times we've seen as many as four on the seat and a small child  standing on the floorboard.

So the three of us piled on Frank's moped. What is different about our little gang is that we represent three races! You'll never see THAT in China.

Check out the video.

We never really grow up; we only learn how to act in public.

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