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Custom Coat

custom winter coat

As promised I'm posting the custom coat Eric had made for me while I was in China. After getting home and unpacking I pulled it out and wore it on my first winter day here in Atlanta. It is wonderful. It fits like the leather seat in a Mercedes AMG.

I'm posting a few details in the event you'd like to buy one for yourself or a friend.

custom winter coat

custom winter coat
Eric has three styles to select from. This one is called "The Strapper." You can customize the the coat material, thread, lining, pockets, vents, buttons, and really just about anything. One guy had Eric make a coat with hidden pockets in the sleeves for sketch pens. Another guy had one designed after a video game he liked.

This one is made from chocolate brown wool and has cream and brown striped silk lining with edge piping. The double breasted design keeps the wind out. I love the top loading front pockets. (But you can get side loading.) They are easy to access and are deep enough for small books, sketch pens, and phones.

There are also two inside pockets on either side. They are easy to access and I can place wallets, passports, or travel documents in them. They are also reinforced around the opening to maintain shape. The silk interior lining is buttery soft, smooth, and elegant.

I love putting the coat on. My arms slide into the sleeves without effort and the thick material wraps around me and almost closes by itself.

Tonight while filing the car with gas, I turned up the collar and stood in the wind. Just because I could. The wind didn't faze me. I felt no chill.

Some have asked about quality, availability, and cost. So I asked Eric if he could supply some details. It's a simple three step process.

Eric's coat samples
Here's what he sent me:
  1. Choose a basic coat style from the picture (or you can provide your own).
  2. Eric makes a custom order form so that you can choose additional options.
  3. Complete the form, send it back to him with payment.
That's it.  The coat gets made and shipped within 2-3 weeks. Cost depends on the length of the coat and the materials you choose. Generally they are around $120 or so.

If you have questions (or just want to say you sent an email to China), you can contact him at: chinadoesitcheaper@gmail.com

He's very responsive and he'll customize it to just about anything you want.

(Disclaimer: I don't receive any royalties or income from his sales. However, if you do order it might mean I will not need to send him any money that month. I'm just saying.)

Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence in society. - Mark Twain

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