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The Last Full Day

It was bound to happen. The end of a two month journey. Seems a shame it has to end so quickly. It's been fun, but there are many things we'll need to do when we get back.

Yesterday I went out with a friend shooting images. His major was photography. It was an overcast day so we kept the horizon out of the picture (That's a photographer's secret. On an overcast day the colors are vibrant but you have to avoid the horizon.)

We tromped around the hills and local village and found this old abandoned building. We shot it with a wide angle lens (15mm) and then a telephoto lens (120mm) but nothing was gelling for me. Finally I got the best image from my iPhone. The lock picture is the result.

We got the custom coats back from the tailor. They are beautiful. I'll post a picture soon.

Got to dash off. I'm not sure what is planned but I know that it's the last day and we have a full day ahead.

The world is a playground, and life is pushing my swing. - Natalie Kocsis

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