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Shandong for a week

Internet down?
No, the Internet has not been down and yes, we are still alive. I received an email from a reader: "What's happening? Where have you been?" I guess they've been reading the blog and haven't seen a post in a while.

(By the way, the picture you see here was taken in the main stairway to a friend's apartment. They were the ones I mentioned that paid two years in advance for their 6th floor pad. But after moving in, they were told that an Internet connection was not available. He was told "all the connections are in use." Maybe it has something to do with this box? I told him: "Give me a wire and I'll fix it for you." I'll do whatever it takes to keep my blog readers connected!)

We were in transit and it has been crazy busy resettling in the new city. When we were traveling through China in '06 and '08 we moved every week. I don't know how I was able to keep my promise of daily posts. There is a difference between touring and living in a foreign country for sure. As it is Ruth says, I spend too much time on the blog. What does she know? "Hey Ruth, can you bring me another cup of java?" Where is she when I need her? Oh, that's right, she went out sight seeing.

China apartment
We have left Yunnan province and the beautiful apartment we were staying in. We are now in the Shandong province. It's a strange place to us. We don't know any of the streets. After living in Yunnan for about six weeks we started to feel very comfortable with our bus and moped wanderings. But now in the new place, we have no idea where we are half the time. It's great to have Eric, our son, along with us. His Chinese is incredible. He can talk to anyone on just about any subject.

China apartment
Without Eric, I joked to Ruth last night on the crowded bus, we wouldn't know how to get back to our place. We'd be wandering the streets aimlessly looking for someone to guide us back. We can read the signs well enough to find the right bus. But we don't know the street names well enough. At night we don't even have a clue which way is north. I did get Eric to write our address in my little Moleskine book in Chinese characters, just in case.

Josh S' 2nd Coat
We've had a great time so far. Last night we ordered our winter coats. Eric's latest business is getting custom coats made and shipped internationally. I ordered a chocolate brown cashmere three-quarter length winter coat with cream and brown striped silk lining. It will have three inner pockets (one for the iPhone), a breast pocket, and two outer side  pockets. (If you are interested he now has an order form and email address: chinadoesitcheaper[at]gmail.com. You can have extra pockets added, custom buttons, stitches, whatever.)

The picture in this post is just a sample of some of the coats he's had made so far.  When mine is done, I'll post a picture. Stay tuned.

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