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Time Travels

I want a Pepsi
Fantastic! comes as close as possible to describe our last week in China with Eric and friends.

Eric's friends invited us over for lunches and dinners every day this week. One of them had us wear "mop slippers." We sort of buffed the floor as we walked around the apartment. What a great idea. This is how you can get someone else to clean the floors for you.

Geisha girls
We did nothing but eat and talk and laugh. And the meals included Chinese, Korean, Japanese, American, Greek, and African cuisine.

We rode buses all over Shandong. We visited jewelry stores and stationary stores and clothing stores. We even visited a video store with a secret door to a back room with shelves and tables stuffed with classic movies and the latest releases.

We ate out at a Korean BBQ restaurant where the food was cooked on burning coals in the center of the table.

At a special coffee shop we sat on plush chocolate colored velvet couches and drank four dollar and fifty cent coffee and ate cheese cake slices. (I didn't complain, someone else was buying.) We visited with friends as if time didn't exist.

Steampunk China Coffee Shop
But it does exist. It's a one way ticket forward, never back. There is little wonder the Greeks pictured Father Time with long forelocks and a bald head. You can only use him as he approaches by grabbing the forelocks of opportunity. Once he passes, you can never pull him back.

And so the time is spent. It's over. We return.

How will life ever be the same?

A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in. - Robert Orben

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