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Castro Valley, California

It's true, we've completed the driving portion of our move to China. We haven't blogged these last two days and I keep getting asked: "Where's today's post?" My readers are very demanding. So here's an attempt to help you get caught up with the latest.

Really, not much has happened.


These last couple of days we've spent visiting, eating, laughing, and picture viewing. We are planning a family get-together this weekend and so I'm frantically putting some digital images together. What's a family for but to laugh and look at pictures of the kids?

I've scanned all of our pictures and stored them offline. Now it's just a matter of arranging a few for the family. I hope they wont mind looking at 500 pictures of me.


We've been cooped up in the car these past 10 days. So mom arranged for us to receive a massage when we got into town. Wow, now THAT was incredible.

Even though it's great to drive across country and see all the sights along the way, I didn't realize just how knotted up we were. Even though we took turns driving across, we couldn't lean back in the passenger seat and take a nap. There was way too much stuff behind the passenger seat. It didn't even recline.

So the massage was an awesome gift. Camille, is a master masseuse and Marly, her havanese, kept me company between treatments. He is absolutely adorable and I tried to hide him in my bag on the way out but I was caught. He is the only dog I've ever held that didn't have a doggie smell. I'm still amazed. He's my kind of dog.


We love to eat. Who doesn't? We've been eating out quite a bit these days.

Even before we left, our friends Tim & Maite, took us out to Antico, the best pizza place in Atlanta. All pies are cooked in brick wood burning ovens. But, bring your own wine because they have no liquor license. What's a pizza without the vino? (Ruth says I ought to remove this paragraph. She says that it is a anachronistic statement. She's right but, it is my blog after all.)

Since leaving Atlanta, we've been eating at McDs. They make the fastest Big Breakfasts and it only has 700 calories and 1400 grams of sodium. Yummy!

Well, since meeting up with family (Ruth's brother, my uncle, and dad and mom), we've been eating much better.


We left Atlanta in a flurry so the boxes in the van are just the stuff we wanted to keep but not arranged according to what we'll bring to China. Now I need to re-pack. This is getting old.

We'll keep you posted on the progress. We will fly out this Sunday, the 3rd. There is still a few things we need to do before we head out.

Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first. - Anonymous

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