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Cross Country

An index to all of our American cross country travels.

We are traveling from Atlanta Georgia to San Francisco California going the southernly route in March of 2011.

We really didn't have a game plan, just a general idea of the direction we wanted to go.

Here is our list of preparations and stops so far:

1/28 Living in a Foreign Country
3/05 Staying in Touch
3/15 Leaving Home
3/15 Laurel, Mississippi
3/16 Houston, Texas
3/17 San Antonio, Texas
3/18 Roswell, New Mexico
3/20 Springervill, Arizona
3/22 Kingman, Arizona
3/23 Oatman, Arizona
3/24 Helendale, California
3/25 Solar Power Plant
3/26 Paso Robles, California
3/29 Castro Valley, California
4/01 Unpacking the van
4/03 Family Reunion

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