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Helendale, California

We've been having an enjoyable time with Ruth's brother. He works for a power plant nearby so works four days on and then gets four days off. So we hit it at just the right time. He's got some time off to show us around.

We mostly hung out at his big house in the desert. He's got a big, I mean a huge, no it's gigantic, TV.


It's a whopping 63 inches across. Did I mention that it's a big TV? Even the weather channel looks amazing on this High Def box. I swear I can see the individual water droplets they show over the southern parts of California. (And who says it never rains in southern California?)

Selfishly I asked Brian if he'd watch my China DVDs. I just wanted to say that I saw my pics on the "Big Screen." Hey, my pictures looked great. Did I mention that this is a huge screen?

After checking out an assembly hall that Brian knew about locally we bought some sushi at a local market and "we wen grind some onolicious eats" (we went to eat some good food).

The Japanese eat raw fish but the Chinese eat live ones. - Anon

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  1. # Blogger mandachino

    Hey, we can finally read your posts on blogger. Nope, Ivacy is still out of commission. One more week guys!!!

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