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Helendale, California

Before we took off for central California to visit my uncle, Brian took us to the largest solar power plant in the world. He works here. The mirrors heat up pipes of oil pumped to a central steam generator that turns turbines for power generation and then sent to "the grid" for purchase.

We also went to Antelope Valley looking for poppies in the state flower, but we were too early to see them bloom.

Brian was so hospitable. He drove us all around for hours but finally we had to say "goodbye" and head up to see my uncle. We are quickly running out of time. We have only a week left before we fly to China. And we have a few things to do yet before we leave.

We should have planned to spend a month touring the states. I regret that now.

Ruth can't believe that after spending years in the contiguous United States that we've never done this before. We will just need to plan another trip after spending a year in China. She has not seen the Grand Canyon. We want to take the Grand Canyon train that will snake us through the valley's vastness and runs out of Williams, Arizona.

In a way we have not done the U.S. tour as we've done our China tours. We like to spend more time in fewer places. Instead we flew through the country only saying a day here and there. Of course, what was foremost in our minds was the stuff in the back of the van. We were really afraid to leave it anywhere for any length of time. It'll be different on a return trip.

Today we'll spend the day with my uncle and aunt, Rich and Trudy.

One great advantage of visiting family is that I eat less McDonald's meals!

I don't eat escargo. I prefer fast food. - Anon

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2 Responses to “Helendale, California”

  1. # Blogger mandachino

    I didn't know your uncle was Ruth's brother...that's just wierd!


  2. # Blogger daveterry

    Okay, I fixed the punctuation so it should be clear now that my uncle is NOT Ruth's brother.



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