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Paso Robles, California

We arrived in Paso (that's what the locals call it "Paso") and went out to dinner with uncle Richard and aunt Trudy at an Italian restaurant. They know the owner here. (It's a small town where everyone knows your name.)

Next morning we went out to take photos of Trudy's poppies out back. In the process a fly flew into the kitchen. So then Rich went hunting for the invader. Even though Richard searched long and hard, it was Ruth who zapped him.

Then we took a picture of the varmint.

Later that night Ruth won, hands down, at two games of Scrabble.

"I just love this game." she said. She smoked us. She got over 200 points in each game!

 Life's not fair.

Uncle Rich says: "She took advantage of us old folks."

I agree. She zapped us like that fly.

"I just happened to get some good letters, I'm sorry." she apologized.

Tell that to the fly.

I came in last.

I hate this game.

In the end, the pawn and the king go back into the same box. - Unknown

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