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A Room With a View

I thought I'd give you an idea of what the view from our apartment is like. Out front it's wonderful to look down at the garden below. Often there is a breeze. Today the weather was overcast and that actually enhanced the colors a bit.

Front View

No mopeds are allowed in the courtyard (they park in the parking garage below the buildings) so that means that no alarms go off during the day or night. It's just as peaceful in the day as in the evening.

We see the same view from the living room balcony too. It's truly a place of rest for us. I think it's important to have a room with a view, if only of just another building across the way.

The back view is not so great. On the positive side it provides lots of light and a cross breeze. Both are important considerations when shopping for an apartment, wherever it might be.

Back View

(Oh, and if you roll your mouse over the picture you'll get an enhanced, posterized view. All pictures were created as HDRs with Potomatix Pro. You can see other examples of HDRs (high dynamic range) out at my flickr site.)

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