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Nightscape at Shangrila

Tibetan construction and TempleNightscaps are the most interesting photography to me. Sometimes I never know how they'll turn out, or even what colors will turn out.

Last night just before bed I shot a frame of the Tibet Temple in the distance. Funny how the eye is not as sensitive as the camera. In this case I didn't see the colors in the clouds and the dark blue sky in the distance. Nor did I see the green color light reflected from our lodge.

Tibetan construction nightAnyway, after the exposure I took a quick look and couldn't believe my eyes. The colors were as an artist's oil pallet. Blue sky, green building,  orange clouds, and the golden temple on the hill. I took several more but these were the best of the bunch.

In the old days I would have had to wait a week or more for the film to come back. Instead I immediately saw the results, made some corrections, and took some more frames.

(This was a 8 second exposure at f2.8 using a 11-16mm Tokina lens set at 11mm. A Nikon D300s in-camera processor rendered the photo. No after photo corrections were made.)

Tibetan ConstructionEarlier durning the day we drove out to look at the Tibetan homes that I mentioned yesterday. I was able to walk inside one under construction and take a shot. It all seemed very strange. The pillars on the second floor were only braced with wooden blocks. Huge square pillars were braced under them. The floor was a honeycomb of concrete with tamped mud between. I guess they stay up for years but I couldn't help wondering what would happen in an earthquake? I would not like to be inside. This was an HDR of three images blended together.  This provided the even exposure inside the building as well as outside of the hills beyond.

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