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Sewage odor

one man and a moped movingTraveling down the bike lane I caught a strong whiff of sewage. This fragrance is prevalent here. The sewage pipes (mostly broken) run under the grooved sidewalks. You can not only smell it but . . . well, never mind.

Yeah, it's really crazy. I don't get it either.

Anyways, this was a stronger than normal sewage odor I was smelling.

"Where is that coming from?" I said to no one in particular. (Who could understand?)

"Did I step in something?"

duck duck gooseA block in font of me a city worker was watering the plants. As I got closer I concluded that maybe, just maybe, it was him.  Maybe some new a-la-toilet aftershave?

But then I reasoned: How could one guy smell so bad?

nearby six storyBut the closer I got, the more pungent the odor. I ran over his hose with my moped and  held my breath as I passed.

It was then that I discovered the source. It was the water itself. He had dropped his hose down a manhole and was pumping sewage water onto the plants along the roadside. This gave the roadside that toilet aroma.

A culture 5,000 years old and still no understanding of diseases transferred via human waste?

Don't get me started.

Behave so the aroma of your actions may enhance the general sweetness of the atmosphere. - Henry David Thoreau

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