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Shangrila - The Timberline Lodge

Shangrila Timberline LodgeTimberline Lodge is a great place to stay while in Shangrila.

It's quiet, clean, and rustic. Huge pine timbers run vertically through the rooms. Mud walls, rough hewn doors, the floors, and furniture add to the Alpine cabin feel. There is even a porch out back where we can entertain friends over a glass of wine. Maybe we should move here?

Today we took a ride of about 15 kilometers. We saw horses, goats, sheep, and pigs. (No lions, tigers or bears, oh my.)

Shangrila Timberline Lodge roomThe structures are more Tibetan than what we have seen so far. They are built wide at the bottom but then lean slightly inward toward the three story roof above. They are made of mud, the most rustic of construction materials. They tamp it down between two stacked planks on either side of the wall. Then they move the planks up another layer and begin again. After the mud dries they paint it usually a white or off-white. The three story entrance is usually built with carved panels and doors.

Ashly & StickyfaceAfter the drive we sat out back on the porch, entertained friends, and finished off our $3 bottle of wine. We talked and watched the stars swirl above us. Ashley & Ben's dog, "Stickyface" were great company.

It was 10:30 when we turned on the heater, climbed under the covers, and switched the lights off.

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