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Shangrila valleyShangrila is north of Dali, about a six to seven hour drive.

We ran into lot's of slow moving busses, tractors, and four axle trucks. Trucks with rocks, bricks, logs, pigs, cattle, you name it. The air conditioner in the car didn't work too well so we had to leave the windows open. We ate a lot of dirt and soot from the trucks ahead.

ShangrilaShangrila shopsShangrilaThere is a new four lane road that is being constructed and that added to the traffic. In several places we had to stop for loaders dumping rocks and dirt into the truck in front of us. There is no such thing as traffic control here. If you think you can make it around the loader, go for it. And we did several times.

We made it into town and toured through the shops some. But mostly we watched the local line dancing in the square as the sun went down. We had a great time shooting mixed light photos in the streets and back alleys.

Eventually we made it to bed and heard nothing. We found a place outside of the town square where it was very quiet except for the distant occasional dog bark. Climbing to 8,000 feet near the Tibetan border means thin air, cool nights, and tired souls.

We were out within minutes snuggled in comfy beds and covered in layers of blankets.

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