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Simple gadgets

Gadgets. I love 'em. But I want simple gadgets. Ones that work. Is that too much to ask?

And I want gadgets that always work. I want gadgets that don't complain, don't need upgrades, and don't make noise . . . unless I ask them to.

Especially when I travel, I don't want to carry around a broken or "dead" gizmo. Nor do I want to carry wires or cords or converters or plugs. I just want to keep things light, simple, streamlined, and clean.

In my last post I mentioned the online white noise "gadget." It's the ultimate in traveling light.

A lot of travelers swear by their iPhones. Yeah, they're cool. I guess. They'd be really cool if I didn't have to upgrade them OR their apps, nor have to answer the incessant Apple Agreement every three days. Come on Apple! Are you listening? Make an agreement, have me sign it, and leave me alone. Ah, but I digress.

I only buy SIMPLE gadgets. Ones that don't require a babysitter. Like my . . .

Nightstand clock

I bought this small alarm clock in 2009 at Walmart for just ten bucks. I put three AA batteries in it and have never given it a second thought. It sits quietly on my nightstand. It doesn't make noise (unless I set the alarm). It doesn't blink or glare at me at night. In lights up only when I press the top button. During the day the black numbers show clearly on a grey-green background. At night the numbers show against a light blue background. All the controls for setting the time, alarm, and night light are on the device itself. Unheard of for sure.  To set any of the controls use the buttons.  No menu spelunking necessary. No manual needed.

Yeah, I know, I could use my iPhone. It's got an alarm, a timer, and even a countdown. And I do use it when traveling. But the nightstand clock is elegant in it's simplicity. It doesn't make me think. And it always works. Doesn't need plugs or wires.  No upgrades. What could be simpler?

Simple, elegant, streamlined and clean, those are my gadget requirements.

Don't make me think!

Stay tuned: Tomorrow another simple gadget for writing your travel journal.

Expecting to get somewhere without effort is like getting on an elevator without pressing a button. -dave terry


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