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Chiang Mai - Thailand

Due to the Thailand flood the tickets getting out of Bangkok were skyrocketing. The tickets were twice and sometimes three times what they are normally. People were bagging their doorways to prevent the inevitable waters from rushing in when they finally reach Bangkok. The government says it will come, but according to the vendors they are not saying when or just how much water will flood their stores.

Chiang Mai TempleMeanwhile, because we didn’t book a return flight we had difficulty finding a flight out. We had talked about going to Chiang Mai, just north of the city but didn't make any plans before this. We found a reasonable flight at a ridiculous time and got up at 5:00 AM to catch it.

Chiang Mai is a tropical place with elephant and lion wild parks. We see them advertised everywhere. Tuk Tuk drivers hound us to hire them to take us there. We decline and decide to do a walkabout in the city square.

Chiang Mai Tuk TukNot realizing just how big it is, we spend three hours looking into all the small craft shops. Eventually becoming week from the heat and miles of walking we find a small air conditioned Starbucks-like coffee shop and plunk down 75 boht (about $2.50) for a 6oz cup of mocha coffee. Yikes. But without it I would have had to crawl back to the hotel on my hands and knees.

When I did finally make it back, I collapsed in a sweaty heap on the bed, clothes and all, and slept for hours. I’ve never been so exhausted. After several hours I was resurrected to life, tripped into the hot shower, and returned to the horizontal position. I slept another eight hours.

The Black Coffee - Chiang MaiDid I mention I was exhausted?

This morning I'm feeling much better. We found a place that serves American Breakfast: eggs, bacon, rolls, banana bread, and of course, endless coffee (via IV drip if you prefer).

I think I'm ready for the lions, tigers, and bears. Oh my!

My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it. - Mark Twain

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