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Room with a pool

Thailand Chiang Mai Hotel
Pool view from our room balcony
We didn't see any lions, tigers, or bears today. Instead we saw paintings of them. We visited the local artists and enjoyed hearing and watching them work.

One guy paints nothing but stylized elephants, cute mother and baby elephants, almost cartoon looking, in every color of the pallet. Each year he changes his style so I could actually see his technique change from year to year. He does't allow photographs in his store for fear that some will take pictures and sell his work themselves. "You I trust" he said "I can tell you are a good person." Well, I'm glad someone finally noticed.

In another art store we met a girl who's husband photographs models and then digitally adds creative elements. The results makes the models look very fairy-like. Very interesting stuff. Not the kind I'd hang on my wall but creative nonetheless. She also is a photographer who shoots nature flowers in arranged patterns. He father carves wooden elephants which she displays in the shop. I really enjoy talking to the local artists. They give me creative ideas.

Pool Panorama with iPhone Pano app

Near the elephant artist we found a place that makes fresh pizza in a real pizza oven. We sat at a picnic table under the garden trees and ordered a mozzarella and spinach pie, local beer and Coke.

We headed back to the hotel so i took advantage of the beautiful pool and cooled down during the hottest time of day.

Relaxing at lunch in Chiang Mai
colorful eats
At 6:00 PM we walked about a third of a mile and visited the night bazaar. Even at 6:30 PM all the shops were not yet open but there were still too many to visit in a lifetime. Every craftsman is represented there. We saw leather belts, purses, and wallets. There are artists working in oils, pastel, and charcoal, some painting from pictures left behind by tourists, There are sculptures of wood and brass. Beautiful linen and silk cloth, stitched or dyed in rich patters. Jewelry of silver, jade, and gold hang from endless stalls along the narrow sidewalks and in closet booths in warehouse-sized buildings. I passed a bar pumping out rock music. Noisy foreigners were gathered around a huge wood table, all talking at the same time and toasting the day's adventures.

We rode a Tuk Tuk back to the hotel, took another dip in the pool, crashed in the room and dreamt of all the stuff we didn't buy.

Life's Tough.  Get a helmet. - Anon

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