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Seeing is believing

new cool glassesAll in all we really do enjoy life here. There is pressure for sure. Crazy drivers and rude people. I guess you can find that anywhere. Over all, life is slower here.

Yet, some of the events we see everyday here are so strange that to describe them would make you think I was just making stuff up. They are just too weird to the American mind-set to absorb.

For example, we often go shopping in a high-end mall nearby. We can buy anything from photo equipment (Nikon pro cameras) to imported furniture from Thailand. There is even a jewelry floor of jade, diamonds, silver, gold, etc. Well, you get the idea.

Last week I paused in front of the photo store while a woman held her five year old son over a trash can to pee. When she saw me (a blue-eyed stranger) she turned toward me to stare. The result was that the aim of her boy and subsequent stream was diverted to the store glass behind the trashcan and then cascaded onto the floor.

The concept of small children using the bushes, public planter boxes, or even the store entry stairs for a toilet is beyond me.  Yet, no one here seems to be the least bit bothered by this custom. Last Saturday a 10 year old kid used the Starbucks planter box seating area! It was not more than 20 feet from the entrance.  His mother stood by checking her phone messages. Ten minutes later another kid used the planter box as a runway for his toy airplane, ran it through the "water" and flew it over his head.

I know you think I'm making this stuff up, but I swear to you, this is an everyday occurrence. In fact, every kid not potty trained wears "split pants" that is, pants with the crotch un-sewn. It's always open. The kid does not wear diapers. This is convenient for the parents. When the kid has to go, they hold the squatting kid in their arms over the closest gutter or sidewalk plant to relieve themselves.

And I used to complain about lazy dog owners walking their pets in the park.

Build a bridge and get over it. - Anon

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