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Teaching in China
I've decided to do some teaching here in China. I'll share any helpful information here for those of you thinking about teaching in a foreign country. Even though some of it may be specific to China, there will be helpful information to those of you wanting to teach elsewhere.

I will say this, China is cracking down of those scuzzy "backpacker passing-through-want-a-be-teachers." Specifically American guys with the wrinkled shirts, baggy cargo pants, and three-day beards. If you don't have a BA in education and specifically are not TESOL certified, it's very hard to get a working VISA. You can get a student VISA, attend school and work, but be prepared for a heavy schedule. You'll need to attend your Chinese classes AND be reliable at work. Otherwise the school will report you and the government may cancel your VISA.

The good news is that more schools are improving to keep up with the ever increasing development here. The model above is what our area will look like in two or three years. More and more people want to learn American English. It's the IN thing.

I'm really looking forward to this next chapter of life in China. I've sort of been on autopilot this past year and focused on the language. Now I'll see what's it's like teaching rich Chinese kids to prepare for their move to the United States.

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