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Traveling with an iPad Keyboard

Well, I've been using the Logitech 760 with my iPad now for several weeks, including a trip to Hong Kong. It's a winning combination. My MacBook sits alone. I love the MacBook but don't like the weight. A side benefit is that the iPad never has to come out of it's sheath for the airport xray gang. They just leave it in my pack. No problem.

Even when not traveling, I carry the keyboard with me to the local Starbucks. It's light and I hardly notice that it's with me. It's so much faster to type on a standard keyboard then on the iPad's lame excuse for one.

The other feature I really like about Logitech's keyboard (and I'm not getting paid for this, really) is that it's instant on. Flip the switch and start typing. Also, the onscreen keyboard disappears when using the bluetooth keyboard. What that means is that I see more of my text on the screen as I type. A wonderful feature.

One other feature is that I only have to worry about charging the iPad, never the keyboard. Since it's solar and I generally have some sunlight or indoor lighting, it's never a problem. I've also typed via light emanating from the iPad itself and that works fine too.

What is really strange is that even when I'm at home I usually reach for my iPad and keyboard combo rather than the MacBook. Just toss the iPad on the bed and place the keyboard on my lap and start writing. Perfect combo even at home.

I wonder what life would be like without an iPad? - dave terry

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