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Confessions of an App Junkie

I have a confession. I'm an App Junkie.

I have downloaded novel writing apps for my iPad but have yet to write a novel. I have stuffed my iPad with ToDo apps, but still only use Reminders, the default app that came with my iPad. I have crammed my iPhone with tons of photo editing apps but still mostly use Snapseed. I carry over ten different iPhone camera apps, but still mostly use the default one. I've downloaded mega-magazines but never read them.

Why? Why do I download all these apps when the one I already have works perfectly well? Because, and here's my confession, I have a sickness. It's called "App Hoarding" and I think it's going to kill me. I'm now looking for a support group: Apps Anonymous.

I Need Help

As I say, I need help because I think this disease is going to kill me. Every time I turn on my device there are ten or more updates I need to download. It's taking it's toll. Too much time to update too many apps. Help.

Actually, this is the reason I haven't started my novel, I'm too busy downloading the updates to all my novel writing apps. I could get started if I just put this project into my ToDo app. But first, I have to update all my ToDo apps. After that I'll decide which ToDo app to use to start my novel writing. Of course, by then I'll need to update my writing apps again.

I'm on a Möbius strip and can't get off.

Too Many Apps

What's worse is, I've run out of space to download more apps. Now I'm at a loss as to which apps I need to delete to make more room for the new apps I need to download. I'm hyperventilating.

I should have gotten a bigger 64GB device with more space. It would eventually fill up with all the apps I keep downloading but at least I could postpone my app keeping decision. Yeah, that's it, I'll buy a bigger device.

Let me add that to my ToDo app . . . just as soon as I figure out which one I should use.

Why can't I want the things I already have? - Anonymous

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